Microadventure 10

Date: 29/10/16
Location:The neighbours garden
Sights:Trees, grass, garden furniture
Back together for this one! Again, we somehow managed to leave this right to the end of the month, we really must pencil them in for earlier to give us more choice and the chance to take a rain check on it if necessary. This time we were in Andrew’s sisters garden. Word has been getting out about what we are up to each month and people are starting to invite us to sleep in their gardens. Again an uneventful night, are we begging to simplify sleeping outdoors (in terms of what makes something eventful)? Andrew is sure he heard donkeys and I was sure that I could hear a church bell. It is amazing what you can hear when the wind is blowing in the right direction and all else is quiet.
Thoughts for next month:Another friends garden or somewhere more adventurous?