Hammock Adventure
Microadventure 8

Date: 16/8/16
Location: Whinlatter forest
Forecast: Clear and dry
Sights: Sunset, sunrise, trees, hills, Bassenwaite Lake, Keswick
Thoughts: My first microadventure with my finace!! After being proposed to on a beach, the need to do a microadventure on a deserted island have diminished slightly. This left us with thoughts of Whinlatter, an island and High Dam. High Dam would require a swim and the island that we landed on this afternoon wasn’t quite up to our expectations. This left us with Whinlatter, I had spotted a look out point with parking, next we just needed somewhere to try out our hammocks. We drove up and found a deserted car park off the main road. After scouting out the area we found 3 trees and hung our hammocks. We had a view to the East and the hope of seeing the sun rise. Dinner was chicken tikka and chocolate cake for me and beef stew and sticky toffee pudding for Andrew. With our tummies full we quickly settled into our beds for the night. I woke for sunrise and Andrew stirred a few hours later. This was a very chilled adventure, very quite and with magnificent views.
Thoughts for next month: Beach and a BBQ?