Microadventure 7

Date: 16/7/16
Location: A meadow up the Cherwell river
Forecast: Clear and dry but with a small chance of rain
Sights: Lots! Bats flying across our path as we paddled up the river. Midges, that bugged us all night and a deer leaping across the field in the morning.
Thoughts: This was very almost the perfect microadventure spot. One thing bugged us and drove us nuts all night…. midges, these weren’t your normal small buzzy things, these were huge blood sucking monsters. After being bitten numerous time we decided enough was enough and packed up early. It was a shame, maybe had we set up camp across the other side of the meadow away from the stream, we wouldn’t have been so affected. I think my highlight was watching the deer in the morning, with a cup of tea in the hand and porridge cooking, watching this creature making its way across the field was just what I needed after a rough night.
Thoughts for next month: Use the hammocks, find the Priest Hole, cook…. Lots of thoughts, not sure how we can fit all this into 5 months.
I guess that is it, we are now over half way through. We still have adventures that we want/need to do. We (I) have gone from a scary first camp in the garden to bivvy in fields and meadows. In a way, I would like to go back and change our first camp to a proper bivvy, just so that we can fit more in. I definitely think this is something we need to keep up, no excuses!