Plan B
Microadventure 6

Date: 24/6/16
Location: A field above Nether Winchendon
Forecast: Clear and dry but with a small chance of rain
Sights: A view!
Thoughts: This was our 2nd choice of bivvy spots after we opted out of staying at our first one, where we found lots of unattended parked up cars, we weren’t going to stick around to find out what they were up to! A hop over a gate and a few steps into a field and we were ready for our night under the stars. It had been a funny old day and tensions were running high with the UK voting to leave the EU, so a night away from the stress of Facebook and society, was in order. As we lay watching shooting stars, satellites and space junk we realised what a tiny role we play in the universe. One of us woke for the sunrise whilst the other one slept despite being told it was sunrise time. A few picturesque photos later it was time to leave and contemplate our next adventure.
Thoughts for next month: A paddle up the Cherwell to a meadow and cook!
I would like to thank Alistair Humphreys for giving us this awesome idea of microadventures. I am now the proud owner of a Polartec top, after winning it from the June county adventure, thank-you Alistair.