The Tale of Two Counties
Microadventure 5

Date: 29/5/16
Location: Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border
Forecast: Overcast and dry
Sights: Nettles
Thoughts: We were running out of days to complete our May microadventure, one of us had got a new job and one of us had been ill. When Alistair Humphreys set the challenge of getting people to sleep out in every county in the UK, we decided that this one was for us. Sleeping out in one county was easily doable, we have been doing that all this year, so how could we change it, to suit us and to maybe tick off a few more ‘to do’ points? Well, there are two of us and Thame is very close to the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border, maybe we could sleep in separate counties.

We checked the map, picked a spot away from houses and set off. Bivvy bags, sleeping bags, roll mats and a pillow dry bag is all we needed. A short walk into the woods we came across the border line, a brook, separating the two counties. Sadly, we hadn’t thought through how quickly things grow in the countryside. Our nice grassy banks were covered in nettles. Action man Andrew, quickly bashed down an area for me to sleep in, in Buckinghamshire before crossing the bridge/border to Oxfordshire, to create his own ‘nest’. I say nest, because the nettles were shoulder height.

The night was fairly uneventful. We were classing this as a solo bivvy, we were not within sight of each other, but thankfully we were in phone contact. This was much appreciated, as me (scardy cat Lucy), quickly became terrified of the fox that was barking near by! We scared him off once, but an hour later he retuned for Andrew to scare off again. Morning quickly arrived, we took a few photos and left, no one was any the wiser about the two people that had been sleeping in the woods that night.

Thoughts for next month: We need a more picturesque spot, maybe without any nettles!

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