Not so micro Microadventure
Microadventure 4

Date: 07/04/2016
Location: On a mountainside, roughly 200m away from the Priest Hole cave
Forecast: Cold and wet
Sights: Stars, stars, stars. Towns in the distance
Thoughts: I googled places to bivvy in the Lake District, I didn’t find much, but I did find 2 newspaper articles of a cave called the Priest Hole, with step by step instructions about how to get there. What could be more cool than spending the night in a cave?! We picked a dry (or so we thought) night, packed the car and drove to the car park. It started off as a gentle walk along the side of a lake to a farm. Then it was very much uphill for the next 2 hours! (Maybe I should have done a little more research as to where this cave actually was, but the photos in the newspaper article looked amazing, so that’s where we were going). It was hard going, espically when it came to the steps. The many, many steps up a gully. By the time we had predicted where the cave might be, it had started to become dark, too risky to do the last scramble to the cave. We found a flatish, snow free area and bedded down for the night with views over the valley. Halfway through our supper of Pot Noddles the rain came, we dived into our bivvy bags and tried to keep the rain off. When it wasn’t raining (thankfully we only had 2 rain storms), the view of the stars was amazing. Satellites were spotted and Andrew spotted a shooting star.
Morning arrived with a sunrise over the mountains.
Was it worth following skecthy notes from a newspaper article? Yes
Was the two hours slog up hill worth it? Yes
Will we be back to take in the views from the Priest Hole? Definitely
Thoughts for next time: Do we do a microadventure or a not so micro microadventure?!

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