A Night without a View
Microadventure 3

Date: 11/3/16
Location: Field between Thame and Chalgrove
Forecast: Cold but dry, weather warning for fog in the morning
Sights: Not much to see on this microadventure (this spot was chosen for the views over the fields towards the Chiltern Hills), but lots to hear!
Thoughts: This was a spontaneous adventure. I had been eyeing up the bivvy sight regularly on my way to and from work. After a warm day, it was decided that tonight was the night. We set up a short walk from the car and quickly settled for the night. It was a fairly cloudy night with few stars on show. Throughout the night we listened to/were woken by kites, deer and a cockerel in the morning. During the night the fog had descended and we woke to thick fog, so no view this morning.
Thoughts for next time: Earplugs?! And that every microadventure is different, we won’t always spot shooting stars or wake to amazing sunrises.

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