The Phoenix Night
Microadventure 2

Date: 16/2/16
Location: Field between Thame and Towersy
Forecast: Cold but dry
Sights: Shooting star, Plough constellation, Moon, frost, sunrise!
Thoughts: This adventure was a one that was almost postponed. Worries were great: where would we actually sleep, what if we were spotted, what if we met local wildlife or an angry farmer?
After settling down for the night, fears and worries are quickly forgotten with discussions about the Moon, star gazing and shooting stars, then in the morning the most amazing sun rise… you don’t get to spot that from your warm bed indoors. Apart from callings us crazy (yes, we both agree and admit that we are nuts), most people seem to fear that we should be freezing at night, sleeping out in sub zero temperatures. This so far has been far from the case, you make sure you are warm before you get into your sleeping bag (and have a few extra unneeded layers on standby) and things are toasty.
Thoughts for next time: Most learn how to keep sleeping bag properly in bivvy bag incase of rain!



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